Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In which my hips hurt

The last time I ran regularly was in 2003, the magical year I gained WW Lifetime status.

I did C25K then, too, and as I transitioned from less walking to more running, my hips would be pretty sore all day after the run - and the following day, too. When the weather got better and I started running outdoors, my hips, particularly my right, was even more sore (sore-er?).

Now, as I loop around C25K again and embark on more running and less walking, here comes that balky right hip again.

But this time, instead of thinking it's some genetic malady or I'm Just Not Built To Run, I Googled "new runner sore hip." .2 seconds and I had an answer: My hips need to be strengthened, and it's a problem common to women. Really, after 3 pregnancies and carrying children of various weights for the past 5 years, my hips still aren't strong enough?

Apparently not.

I did a little more clicking and found a video series on Runner's World, The Never Get Hurt workout. I'm going to try it on non-running days and try to get those hip flexors pumped up.

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