Monday, August 1, 2011

Food Of The Day: Bacon Blue Cheese Burger

This was actually Friday's FOTD post, but I didn't have a chance to put it up.

My latest Vitatop order arrived Friday and this time, in addition to the regular Vitatop mix (I have a top mixed with Greek yogurt for breakfast daily), I added in the company's new VitaBun offering. It's like a hearty English muffin and only 2 Points+. I figured in addition to having it as a snack, it could also make a good bun.

And it did.

I combined 3 ounces of 96% lean hamburger (3 Points+) with 4 slices of Oscar Meyer precooked bacon (2 Points+ - and how on Earth is that stuff not supposed to be refrigerated? Actually I think I don't want to know), and a slice of Laughing Cow Blue Cheese (1P+) in between the bun (2 P+).

It came out very well. The bun was good (I toasted it), and of course it had bacon, so slam dunk there.

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  1. Hey did you know Vitalicious posted a link to this post on their Facebook page! I saw that and said hmmm. Didn't even hit me it was you until I came to read your blog! Duh!

    That looks great, by the way! May be my supper tomorrow.