Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In which I love my food scale

My digital food scale is the most important piece of kitchen equipment I own.

If whatever I'm about to put in my mouth isn't prepackaged or premeasured, it goes on the scale. I must use it a half-dozen times every day.

So this morning, it was a little distressing when it was time to measure my 8 oz of plain Chobani, I turn on the scale and saw the battery light flashing instead of 0.0

I may have even yelped in distress. Thankfully no one else was around.

How was I going to eat breakfast? Of course that was my main concern.

See, even after nearly a year of WWing - and 16 months 2002-2003 - I'm still not good at guesstimating portion sizes nor do I like to. Either my eyes are bigger than the scale and it's too much, or I give myself too little. Neither is conducive to efficient weight loss: Consistently eat too much, don't lose as much. Consistently eat too little, don't lose as much.

I don't want to guess, I want to be right on and enjoy in peace. Must be my Type A showing. Maybe that's why I feel so uneasy eating out: I don't know exactly how much I'm eating of X, Y or Z.

But this morning I remembered I had an old manual scale in the cabinet. It did the trick, and it made me realize how much I rely on that digital scale every day without even thinking twice. And, of course, I went out immediately and got replacement batteries.

If you don't have a food scale, consider one. It's a big key to success.


  1. My scale is on my counter all the time. I'd be lost without it. I've been weighing my food for 11 years. And actually I find that I always guess "less", so I like to weigh my food to make sure I get every.single.point! LOL

    I also am on my second set of those WW Measuring Scoops - I use them every day, too.

  2. Yes, the scoops! I'm not a big proponent of buying WW stuff (especially when they put on the hard sell at a meeting), but you're right - those measured serving spoons are awesome. I use them all the time, too. Do you have the aluminum ones? They're much sturdier than the old white plastic ones, IMO.