Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Weigh-In: Week 3

Oh, what a beautiful morrrrrrning.

Oh, what a beautiful daaaaaaaay.

I've got this beautiful feeeeeeling.

Everything's going my waaaaaaaaaaay.

Yes, people, it's weigh-in day and it is good.

Tuesday mornings are the only time I practically bound out of bed for the 5 am alarm. Like a bizzaro Christmas morning, I want to go downstairs and see what I got.

Alarm sounds, I get up, change into my regular weigh-in clothes and head for the basement. I was particularly excited for today's weigh-in because due to my body's traditional weight-loss pattern, I was due for something sizable this week.

Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Step on.

Holy shit.


That's -5 from last week.

I....um...that can't be.

Disbelieving, I repeat the process. Inhale. Exhale. Step.



Now, what would be even better is if I knew exactly how this translates to the official WW scale. I believe my home scale is 3 to 3.5 lbs higher than the WW scale, and if that holds it means I am now somewhere in the 168-169 territory. And that, my friends, is within spitting distance of my personal goal, 160.

I'm still 2 weeks away from my September weigh-in, so I'll have to wait. But, wow, it's looking like I am set up nicely for that day.

Now, I've had friends ask: Why don't you just ask if you can weigh in when you go to the meeting?

I would, absolutely, but my 10K training calls for a Tuesday run and I can't fit it in anywhere else in my schedule during the week. So I have to work out Tuesday morning, which means I need to eat before and then after drink a good 32 ounces to rehydrate myself, ruining any true comparison to my home-no-food-no-drink wake-up weigh in.

It's OK, I can wait.

So, ecstatic from my trip to the basement, I had a little pre-run snack then headed out for a 5.5 miler on a seriously gorgeous fall-like morning. Sunny, dry and cool. I had to wear a long-sleeve shirt, that's how chilly it was. And I loved every minute of it.

7:15 am and already two big victories. That's already a great day.