Saturday, August 20, 2011

In which I roll 7s and 11s

Today turned out to be the most unexpectedly awesome day.

First, I got to sleep in, a day off from any formal exercise. After 6 days in a row of early-morning alarms and sweating, that alone was great.

After breakfast, I hit the salon and got a great cut from my beloved stylist, then my 5-year-old and I headed to the mall to get her new shoes for school. With the first day a little over a week away, Stride Rite looked like the Fall of Saigon, but amazingly we found two pair in the style she wanted and size she needed. That rarely happens.

Feeling lucky, I hit Kohl's as I had a coupon expiring, and I bought a beautiful wool pea coat for fall/winter. Size? Medium. This time last year my coat was a 3X.

Came home, had lunch and riding a wave of unexpected energy, I went through all three kids' clothes to bag the small stuff, find the fall/winter stuff and determine what they need for fall.

Thanks to hand-me-downs from generous friends and stuff I bought at the end of the season on deep discount, none of them need anything.

At this point I'm thinking, "I gotta play the lottery today."

After our youngest went down for a nap, my husband hung with the kids while I ran more errands. Alone. If you're a mom, you know solo errand-running is really, really nice.

So I'm driving around, windows open, beautiful summer day all around and Aerosmith's "Back In The Saddle" starts up. The first 28 seconds of that song are pure kickass. Love it.

And it hits me, This is a damn good day.

Other things that went my way:

  • Sales clerk asks to see my license when I pay with my credit card. Stares at license. Stares at me. Stares back at license. Looks up: "Um...did you lose a lot of weight?"

  • When shopping for the kids, the clerk asks if I have any coupons. I hand her the one I have for 15% off my entire order and she says, "Oh, keep that one. I have a 25% off one I can use for you."

  • Tried on some pajama pants. They were too big. Size? L. Why do I keep automatically grabbing Ls? Found Mediums on deep discount.

  • Since I was in the neighborhood, I hit a random grocery store to get some raspberries and found them on sale.

  • At the same store I found my favorite Luna bar flavor, Chocolate Raspberry, for which I've been searching high and low for 4 weeks. Every store in my area all of a sudden stopped carrying it. Until today.

    I felt really great today. I looked really great today. Everything was going my way. If you asked me to scale a tall building in a single bound, I would have told you to stand back and make sure you get a good picture.

    Hell, I should have stepped on the scale today. Given the day I was having it probably would have told me I weighed 140 lbs.

    Some days it's the little things that make a difference and today a lot of little things added up to something really big.
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