Monday, August 8, 2011

In which I, amazingly, find extra Points

I ended yesterday on a high note, by accident.

I track my Points the old-fashioned way - on paper, in a 3-month WW tracker.

I like the idea of having the old journals around if I need an idea or can't remember a value of a food or dinner.

Do I ever actually look back? No, LOL, but I like the idea that I could. I worry that if I moved to electronic tracking (iPad, phone, etc) I'd get lazy and stop. Even though I am online constantly.

Anyway, wow, I am burying the lede on this one.

So I ate lunch yesterday and figured I would have 7 Points+ left for dinner. Fabulous, I'd have Gorton's shrimp scampi (3 P+), 8 oz of Crash Hot Potatoes (4 P+) and a feed-bag's worth of roasted green beans (0).

Made dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it. Went to the tracker and wrote down the particulars, noting with satisfaction that I ended right at 29, running a - through the Points Remaining column. Kitchen's closed.

Then it hit me: Wait, I ran this morning. I have Activity Points to eat. 4 of them. I get dessert.

I rarely forget that I have APs, but today I completely did.

Seriously, people, when you're living WW, this is like found money.

If you asked whether I'd like to find $20 in my pocket or 4 Points+, I'd have to think about it.

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