Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In which it's a milestone day for my daughter and me

Today was a big day in our family as our oldest started kindergarten.

It was a big milestone for her and a quiet one for me.

Early in 2010, when I was gearing up my motivation to get healthy and fit, one major goal was to be back at my Lifetime weight by her first day of kindergarten, which then was a year and a half away. It would be 9 more months before I actually walked through the doors of the local WW Center.

Starting kindergarten meant joining a new community - a new school, new friends, new parent friends, staff, etc.

And I knew one thing: I didn't want to be the fat mom anymore.

I have been the "fat kid," the "fat girl" and the "fat woman." Frankly, it sucks, and I didn't want to open my children up to any ridicule in school because of my issues. (At right, that's my daughter and me, October 2010. I was about 1 month into WW and at that time weighed 262 lbs.)

At best kids have no filter and at worst can be cruel, even at a young age. And little girls, oh, forget it.

The thought of my kids getting hit by a jab at me, I couldn't bear it.

I knew when I walked in those doors with her, met her teachers, saw her new friends, etc., I wanted to look "normal" or, better than normal.

So it was super sweet this week that when we went to orientation and I met her teacher, I was better than normal. When I saw her off at the bus stop today, I had just returned from bootcamp and was not only below my Lifetime weight but in the best shape of my life.

I was no longer "the fat mom" but "Marley's mom," "Will's mom," and "Clare's mom."

And, in the end, that's all I ever wanted to be.

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