Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Weigh-In: Week 4

The good times continued rolling today.

Home scale had me -1.6 to 171. I'm pleasantly surprised at the number given how much I lost last week, but it goes to show I continue to know nothing.

I also have no idea how that correlates to the official WW scale, but I will next week.

My monthly Lifetime weigh-in is next Tuesday and I can't wait to learn the true differential between the two scales.
On Aug. 2, my last WW weigh-in when I reached Goal, I came in at 174.6.

Over the past four weeks I've lost at least 6.6 lbs, maybe more since I'm still unsure what the real results of my first home weigh-in were.

Hoping that all adds up to a nice, official number in the 160s next week. That would be amazing, putting me somewhere within 10 lbs of my personal goal weight, which was one of my goals for the summer.

And, to make it even more meaningful, next Tuesday is the first anniversary of rejoining Weight Watchers. On Sept. 7, 2010 I walked into the local WW Center weighing 282.6 lbs. Let's see what the new number is next week.

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