Monday, August 15, 2011

In which I play running tourist

While away on vacation, I was due for a 3-mile run, thanks to my 10K Training Plan.

Nifty that I take my marching orders from a print-out, but it works.

So before we left I dutifully packed all my running gear: Nano, headphones, RoadID, running tights, dri-fit shirt, Thorlo socks, SPIbelt, running bra, headband, Garmin and my shoes. I know, I know...

The night before the run, I laid everything out where I could grab it quickly and go, hoping to change quietly and sneak out at 7 am without waking up the family, all of which were in the same two rooms.

The alarm went off and I got out of bed, dressed and grabbed a Luna bar and a Diet Coke (breakfast of champions) without waking a soul. Success.

On run mornings, I usually eat a snack in the living room and read the paper on my iPad while I wake up and fuel up. This morning, I headed to the lobby and chilled in their easy chairs, eating and catching up with the world on my phone.

Ready to roll, I headed for the fitness center and walked 10 minutes on the treadmill to warm up. Then I stepped outside and was hit with gorgeous, dry, cool Adirondack air.

Seriously, so lovely.

I always run with my phone, but this morning I decided it would be fun to photograph the sights along the way during my run on Route 9 in Queensbury, NY.

I wasn't trying to set any PRs, just wanted to get the miles in and burn some calories before I gave them back at the ice cream stand later that day (see below).

Here's what I found:

This joint was directly across from our hotel, as if I needed more incentive to eat ice cream. Man, it was good, though.

Literally, right next door to the hotel was Six Flags Great Escape. Walk out the door and hear screaming from the coasters. Pretty funny.

Oh, you know I tried to get a picture of myself in this chair. It was too hard with the phone camera, though. Boo.

Tacked on a telephone pole outside a convenience store. Absolutely not sketchy. I am tempted to call the number and yell: "HOLA! DONDE ESTA MI CASA?"

I do now.

Glen Drive In. So happy to see drive-ins still around.

I was not ambushed at any point during my run, thankfully.

Would look fab on my front lawn. Also looks like Treebeard. I just impressed my husband with that reference.

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