Thursday, January 13, 2011

In which I revisit egg whites

When I'm losing weight, I ride the hot hand: If I find a food I enjoy and is a good Points value, I eat it until I'm sick of it.

Egg white omelettes definitely fell into this category as I ate them every day when I rejoined in September up through about Halloween. They taste good, they're filling, they're easy to make and you get a pile of food for relatively few Points. A good deal.

I took a break for a while after I, naturally, was sick of them. But now, about 8 weeks later, here I am jonesing for them again.

I usually threw together 3 egg whites (3 Points), 3 oz of Hillshire Farms Low Sodium Honey Ham (3 pts), a pile of onions and red peppers (0 Points). This time, I'm keeping the ham and peppers, but added scallions (a new-found love and 0 Points) and 1T of shredded pecorino-romano cheese (1 Point).

Above is a photo of the ham, peppers and scallions in action. My "omelettes" look like roadkill in the end stage. Sharing a picture would not convince anyone to eat one.

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