Monday, January 17, 2011

In which I become a morning person

One of the fun things about weight loss (there are a few) is there are a lot of everyday little firsts that encourage you along the way.

The first time you go out to dinner on the program and make good choices. The first time you try a new workout and get through it. The first time you get a compliment on your weight loss.

This morning I experienced a new first: I woke up before the alarm, 4:59 am. I cannot tell you when I've ever done that side of 5 am voluntarily.

My alarm usually goes off at 5:30 am on gym days, but this morning I was rested and alert at 4:59, so up I got. One of the advantages of a 24-hour gym: You can get a very early start if you want.

I left the house in the frigid, pitch black. It was 13 degrees, a Monday and, technically, a holiday (although my job recognizes none). And here I was, voluntarily heading to work out. The times, they truly are a-changin'.

C25K Week 3 doesn't start until Wednesday, so today was an elliptical day. My ernest efforts at working out early paid off as I had the best elliptical workout yet. I felt strong and powerful, and really cranked.

It was wonderful to be home, showered and eating breakfast by 7 am with the whole day ahead. I fear I may be turning into a morning person.

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