Monday, January 3, 2011

In which I start striding

Experienced a new first today, the elliptical machine.

As usual, my only goal in trying something new in fitness is to not fall off the machine. Mission accomplished!

But I had a pretty good time on it. It was challenging, but easy on the joints. I used the upper body handlebars (I doubt they're really called that, but you know what I mean) for about 5 minutes, but my heart rate was getting way too high. I shut the handlebars (see, the term does work) off and jammed for another 40 minutes on low levels.

It was a very good workout and a nice complement to running. I'll make this a staple of my off-running-day workout.

The title of this post comes from the directions on the elliptical display before you start. It's good to read that and follow the directions for starting up or you'll look like a loser and stand still on the pedals pushing the buttons repeatedly to try to get it to turn on. Or, so I'm told...

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