Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week 20: Weigh-In

This one was a big surprise.

After 2 weeks of losing 3 lbs each, I fully expected this to be a -1.x week. That's usually how it goes: big loss, smaller loss. But the past 2 weeks have been surprising in that I had 2 big consecutive losses, so there's no way this one will be anything big.

Happily, I was wrong, -2, getting me past another 5 lbs down for a total of 55 lost. You would think after all my WIs at WW over the years, I would stop trying to predict an exact loss. I'm attributing the big losses to the gym workouts and eating (but not overeating) more whole foods, fruits and vegetables, thanks to Points+.

For the 4 weeks I've been doing C25K, I'm down -10.2 - that's huge for me.

OK, next week, I am expecting -1.x, but Weight Loss Gods, feel free to give with both hands.

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