Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 19 Weigh In: Delayed

For the first time in early 5 months, I missed a Tuesday weigh-in.

An ill-timed snowstorm makes the 15-minute commute to the WW Center a bit too dangerous today.

I'm a little crabby about it because I want to see how much I lost and when it comes to weight loss, I am a creature of habit. I like my schedule and I know what works, and having a monkey wrench thrown in at the last second is an inconvenience and puts me off my schedule.

I sound like a big baby in the previous sentence, but it's true. Like many serious losers, I put a lot of mental and physical sweat into my week and I don't like delayed gratification. Again, sounding like a whiny baby.

Anyway, I will try like hell to weigh in tomorrow. There may be some residual snow or freezing rain that may make the commute tough, but I'm hoping by 9:30 am (when the center opens) the roads will be safe.

This better be a good WI!

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