Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gear: SPI Belt

Peruse any running sites or blogs and it seems as if everyone is wearing a SPIbelt. Because no one wants to run holding their phone and keys.

Basically, it's a fanny pack for people in motion - runners, walkers, cyclists, etc., but much more incognito than the embarrassing pack de fanny.

The SPIbelt (Small Personal Item) looks like a banana hammock with a buckle. It's so small your first thought may be, "No way can that hold much."

But it stretches like crazy, so there's much more room than you think. Not only can it fit your phone and keys, but it also can also cram much more. During once race I had it loaded with my phone, keys, point-and-shoot camera and a $10 bill. And there was room to spare.

In my opinion, what's most amazing about the SPI is it stays in place - there is absolutely no shifting once you strap it on. And it's so secure, whatever's in it makes no noise. No rhythmic shicka-shicka of your keys jangling around. No feeling your phone bopping from hip to hip. Any time I run outside I wear my SPI with my phone inside. And almost every time, by the end of the run, I forget I have it on.

After my run this Thursday I laid down in the living room to stretch and the small of my back was killing me. WTF did I do? I sat up and realized, Duh, you forgot to take off your SPI belt, your phone is digging into your back.

If you're out and about without pockets or a jacket, check it out.

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