Saturday, March 26, 2011

In which at bootcamp, 1 minute is a long time

This morning was the second of two introductory classes I had to take before starting regular bootcamp classes two times a week.

Last week, the trainer ran us through a lot of basic exercises we'd encounter. They have a repertoire of about 200 exercises they use, switching it up every week so no circuit is the same. This week, he set up a mini-circuit modeling what it would be like during a regular class.

There were 4 stations throughout the gym, with two exercises at each. For the first minute you did one exercise, rested 15 seconds then did the other for a minute. Then you progressed to the next station. Some of the exercises were cardio, some were strength training. All seemed long!

Sure, throwing a medicine ball as hard as you can against a concrete wall for a minute doesn't sound intimidating, until you try it. Then slam it to your side for another minute, hoping you're still with it enough to catch it, before it hits you in the face.

After one rotation - 8 minutes - I was sucking wind with wobbly arms and legs. The regular classes send you through three times and there are six stations - and that's after a decent warmp. This will be a great workout, that's for sure.

First real class is next Friday, 6 am. Oddly, I'm looking forward to it.

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