Thursday, March 24, 2011

In which I build a massive salad

I grilled a bunch of chicken yesterday. In gonna-snow-soon 38-degree weather, no less.

That (the chicken, not the weather) had me angling for a big 'ol salad today. While at the grocery store, I got a bag of Classic Romaine and found this deliciousness in the Produce aisle.

1 Points+ for 2T (7g). 7g isn't a ton, but for 1 Point it adds a great hint of spicy and tangy.

I love Wasabi and I love Ranch. I've never seen them blended before. Good, crunchy flavorful stuff if you've got 1 Point to spare.

Anyway, put together a monster salad that was quite delicious:

5 oz grilled chicken (5 Points+)
1/4C feta cheese (2 Points+)
3 slices Oscar Meyer Thick Cut Ready Cook Bacon (2 Points+)
7g Wasabi Ranch Wonton Strips (1 Points+)
1T balsamic vinegar (0 Points+)
Romaine lettuce (0 Points+)

For 10 Points it was a lot of good food.

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