Thursday, March 17, 2011

In which I have a good run and my hip doesn't shatter

I had a great run today and that meant a lot.

After the 5K my right hip was hurting big-time. So much I wasn't sure how - or if - I would be able to run, even on a treadmill.

Today was a gym day and I made myself a deal: If there was a free treadmill, I would run. If not, I would do the elliptical.

When I got to the gym, there were several free treadmills and my hip felt OK, so off I went. It was also the first run of the last week of C25K - finally!

I set my Nike+ iPod to 31 minutes and after a 10-minute warm up, hit Start on the Nike+ and was off.

I kept the pace very slow and was thrilled that the time flew and running was not the sometime-struggle it can be.

Thirty-one minutes represented my longest run to date and was relatively easy. I was very happy, not only because my hip felt OK, but also because the last few runs before the 5K were not great. Time dragged and they seemed to take more effort than they should.

But now I'm encouraged about my running future. In the next 2 weeks I meet with my physician for a checkup and I will request a referral to an orthopedist or sports med pro to get advice on this right hip. I want to run outside, especially that it's getting nice out, but I don't want to severely injure my hip in the process. Something is up and it needs to be fixed.

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