Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In which I see tangible results

One of the best things about weight loss are the little victories, the ones you don't expect that creep up on you on an average day.

Sure, weekly weigh-ins are great, but it's those wonderful everyday surprises that really pack a punch.

Today I reached into the backseat of our family car and pulled out the Beco baby carrier you see on the left (no, that's not me). Due to the weather, I hadn't used it since before Thanksgiving, maybe even October, but I was thinking about it today and needed it.

I put my arms through the straps and snapped the belt around my hips, then it hit me, Oh, yeah. I lost weight. This is huge!

Last time I used the carrier I remember the hip belt was a little loose (it's supposed to be very snug). I must have been on WW for at least a month and I remember cinching the belt tighter and being happy I needed to do that already.

I also remember buying the carrier last summer and kinda freaking out in my mind, wondering if the hip belt would buckle at all, fearing embarrassment in front of the saleswoman. It clicked, with maybe less than 2 inches to spare.

So I'm standing there with this hip belt dangling and I think, I need to take a picture of this before I adjust it.

I didn't take any measurements when I started last September, but these are great indicators:

Wow! (Excuse the grandmotherly socks-and-sandals look.)

Leeway on the hip belt when I first tried it on (4.25 inches).

Leeway after adjusting it for a current fit (12.5 inches).

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