Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shrinking Jeans Challenge: Week 4

Becca and I maintained our #4 spot in the SpringIn2Action challenge this week.

I'm not sure how many teams are registered, but I'll say 237,384. Yay us! Seriously, it's nice that someone smarter than me did the math and calculated that we have lost a combined 4.09% of our weight since March 2. It's another non-scale number that's a great bolster.

And, props to our friends Amy and Jami who hit the board at #9.

The fun thing about challenges, especially team ones, is someone else is counting on you. Granted, we've got nothing invested in this but pride (thankfully), but if I'm having a weak moment, sometimes I'll remember that Becca is counting on me not to eat a sleeve of saltines.

The extra accountability is fun. And on a project like this, fun matters.

In other me-centric news, I had a good run this morning. Walking from the car to the gym it smelled like spring. Sure, the sun wasn't up and it was kinda cold, but there was that moisture in the air that said, Spring is coming! And Get inside, I'm going to rain on you!

But it's all a total tease as we're expected to get several inches of snow overnight. Everyone is saying: Do you believe it?!? Yes, yes I do.

My first full bootcamp class is tomorrow at 6 am, and Mother Nature has enjoyed nothing more this year than throwing snowy monkey wrenches in my workout schedule.

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  1. Ha, I am laughing at the Saltine thing! In all serious, I love nothing more than a challenge and I think we are well matched for this one. Although I am warning you not to expect great things from me this week since I have to eat out on Sunday, right before weigh in!