Friday, March 11, 2011

In which there is big fitness news

Two very big developments here on the fitness front.

1. I will run my first 5K this Sunday. This was unexpected, somewhat. When I made the decision in December to start C25K, I discovered this race. I looked at the calendar and thought it would be a good one to try upon finishing the program, so I registered.

However, bad weather and lack of childcare has put me about 2 weeks behind in finishing C25K in time to do this race, so I figured I'd go and pick up my T-shirt, but not run the event.

I got a reminder email from the race organizers this week and it noted, "More than 1,400 runners and walkers have already registered." Wait, runners and walkers? I could do this, even though I'm not technically "done" with C25K and the longest I've run is 2.2 miles. And that was on a treadmill.

I'm pretty sure I could run the whole thing, but my major concern is injuring myself and really screwing up my body. I haven't run outside yet and running outside is so different from the treadmill.

So I would be combining my first outside run with a 1/3 increase in distance. I'm concerned that will equal "injury." However, I have a plan. I can run the first mile, walk the second and then run the last 1.2. And that should put me in the 45-minute finishing range I would expect to land. If I'm hurting, I can just walk more.

So, planning to give it a shot.

2. I signed up for a boot camp. I've been thinking about boot camps since I rejoined WW last September. A friend has been going to one nearby and raving about it. It's run by physical therapists and the Web site prominently display pictures of all shapes, sizes and ages. It looks safe, fun and challenging. And I have to tone up.

I finally have the schedule that will allow for me to take the two mandatory beginner classes needed to join. There is one each in the next two weeks and I can't wait. With those under my belt I can enroll in April classes and start going two times a week. I will still run three times a week and just replace my weekly elliptical workout with a boot camp session. I'll end up working out five days a week instead of four, but I still think that's doable and well worth it.

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