Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In which I bake Vitatops

I love me some VitaTops.

I just wish they weren't so expensive. My local grocery store carries them for $5.99 per box. And, in worse news, a box contains only four VitaTops.

Since I eat one every day with my plain Chobani and 1c of raspberries, it's an expensive daily breakfast. But, damn, it's delicious.

However, my WW guru, Flo, gave me the heads-up that you can order the mix from the company and bake them yourself (that's what she does).

One box of mix yields a dozen Vitatops. A box of mix costs $6.25. That's 52 cents per top. Buying them frozen at the store it's $1.49 per top.

I didn't own any muffin top pans, so I went straight to the source and ordered silicone pans from Vitalicious. $30 for two pans is kinda a ripoff, but I justified it in that I'd get a quick return on investment with the savings from going to the mix.

The hardest part of the whole process is not eating half of them when they're cooling.

My mix and pans arrived quickly and I whipped up my first batch. All you need to add are egg whites, water and chocolate chips. Super easy and they came out perfect. Even the cleanup is simple with the silicone pans.

Once cool, I wrapped each in plastic wrap and froze them all in a bag. Now I only have to bake once every few weeks.

If you enjoy VitaTops regularly, DIY is a good deal.

Ready for the freezer.


  1. I'd be so worried I'd eat more than one if I baked them myself!

    (By the way, if you ever need to buy the frozen ones again, they are slightly cheaper at Stop & Shop or Hannaford, $4.99 a box).

  2. They were $3.99 at Hannaford this week!