Saturday, March 19, 2011

In which I start bootcamp

Very exciting morning today - I had my first intro class for a local bootcamp.

As I wrote earlier, this idea had been percolating in the back of my brain for a while and, finally, the time was right to commit.

This camp requires new members to attend 2 intro classes before jumping into the weekly classes. Today was the first, the last next Saturday. Then, the following week, I can hop into my regular 2x/week.

I was a little nervous when I walked through the door of what, essentially, is a giant warehouse covered in green astroturf and loaded with exercise equipment of all shapes and sizes.

As a lifetime overweight person, gym class was not a favorite by a longshot, and this action looked a lot like gym class. But I'm not 12 anymore, I'm not going for that damn Presidential Physical Fitness test, and I'm in better shape than ever. So, let's roll.

There were 7 other newbies in the class. One guy looked fit enough to be a trainer. A few women were young and looked fit. And, thank God, there were two overweight people in their 50s. I didn't want to be the only overweight person there. Old insecurities die hard.

We had a good warm up, one move of which was skipping down and back the length of the gym. Can't remember the last time I skipped. We stepped up and down on boxes for cardio and balance. We did a ton of 6-lb medicine ball tosses, chucking them at a concrete wall. That was very cool and therapeutic. Fun Fact: The harder you throw them, the harder they come back. Lesson learned.

We did strength work with resistance bands attached to the wall. Then we finished with free weight upper body presses, raises and punches with 5-lb dumbells.

At the beginning, I was wondering how intense the workout would be. By the end of the hour, I was sucking wind and sweating with wobbly arms and legs. Question answered.

What I liked best about the class was the fact it was run and designed by a physical therapist. He emphasized correct form, not speed, and issued quiet corrections when you needed it, "Make sure you knee stays back...", etc. There was none of the ridiculous yelling and screaming I hear emanating from the group exercise room at my regular gym, taught by The Hulk: "C'MON, PUSH IT! PUSH IT! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!" And that's from a spin class.

As I write this, I'm a little sore, but not in pain. I can feel solid, well-earned muscle fatigue in the quads, thighs and glutes. Wonder how I will feel tomorrow. Regardless, looking forward to next week.

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