Monday, July 4, 2011

Food Of The Day: Grilled Shrimp

As my friend Denise likes to say, today was "hot as balls."

Yet I had bought shrimp I wanted to grill, so heat be damned, I was grilling for dinner. Actually when it was time to grill, it was cooler out on the deck than it was in the house so it worked out in my favor.

Short on time and long on hunger it was nothing fancy, just plain grilled shrimp with grilled eggplant, Vidalia onion and red pepper.

I shook up my eating a bit this week, drank extra water and even nudged down the number of Activity Points I eat on workout days. I do think the latter makes sense, I mean, I weigh less now I should probably not be eating as many as I had been.

I really, really hope it shows on the scale tomorrow.

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