Sunday, July 17, 2011

More on Vibram Five Fingers

My original post on my Vibrams got a lot of traffic, so I thought I would follow up and share more thoughts, now 2+ months later.

I still enjoy them very much. I wear them about 3-4 times a week, usually while doing errands and/or out and about. I also wear them to bootcamp as they provide terrific traction for all the various and sundry exercises.

I won't wear them on rainy days or anywhere they could get wet because when they do it's like having a wet, rubbery sock on your feet. Ewwww. Also wouldn't wear them to the beach, I imagine it would be a nightmare trying to get all the sand out of them.

Other FAQs:

Do they get hot?
Not really. Your feet get a little sweaty, but no more so than in a sock in the summer. They're well-ventilated and very comfortable. I found wearing Crocs was sweatier.

Do they get smelly?
Not if you spray them after each use with Lysol and wash them at least once a week. I throw mine in the washer with my clothes and then air dry them. Works out perfect and is very easy.

How do you keep them clean?
See last answer.

Do they stretch out?
Yes, thankfully, because for the first week or so, they're tough to get on.

Trying them on in the shoe store was embarrassing as it takes a while to figure out how to get your toes in the right spot and keep them there while pulling the shoe on at the heel.

The sales clerk measured my feet, handed me the shoes and said, "I'll leave you alone to try them on. It takes a while to get them on and people get freaked out if I sit here and watch." She's right, it took a good 5 minutes a foot. I can't imagine how long it would have taken if she were watching.

But, after a few days they go off and on much easier.

How's the support for your feet?
Great. I had no foot problems before and I have none now. My feet don't hurt during or after I wear them, which was not the case with the Sketchers Shape-Ups I bought last fall.

They do advise easing into them, wearing them for an hour a day and gradually building up, to get your feet used to them. You wouldn't want to wear them all day at an amusement park on Day 1, for example.

Do you run in them?
No. I have enough trouble getting through my runs in traditional running shoes. I don't need a new challenge just yet.

I'm a big barefoot fan, so these shoes are really great - all the benefits of barefoot walking with a barrier of protection. However, they are still ugly. Yet if you're curious, find a place that sells them and try them on, they're worth it.

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