Friday, July 15, 2011

Food Of The Day: Grilled Chicken

Even before I rejoined WW, marinated grilled chicken was one of my favorites.

Just marinate the chicken in Ken's Light Italian dressing and voila. Paired it, again, with grilled veg (eggplant, red pepper, onion and summer squash). I wanted to get some local corn, but I didn't have time today to try and find a stand. Maybe this weekend.

Had a great bootcamp class this morning. When we walked in the trainer said it was going to be "heavy cardio." That should have immediately set off warning bells as I think they're all pretty heavy on the cardio, but this was cardio on steroids: shuttle runs, shuffle runs, sprints, the rowing machine, spin bikes, rope waves, jumping jacks, butt kickers and more.

I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor, and I wish I did, I can only imagine the calorie burn on this one. Usually I burn 325-350 calories in 45 minutes. This one would have been off the charts.

I started wearing my Virbams to class and I love the traction they give me on the astroturf-covered floor. They're super for exercises like shuttle runs and sprints, where you're pivoting quickly.

I got a great night's sleep the night before class and that helped a lot. I felt very fresh and energetic, which was a huge boost for tackling a very challenging lineup like today.

I had great speed on the shuttle runs, I exceeded the distance goal for the rowing machine and I had good height and great form on the squat jumps. I even landed "soft", which takes a lot of work for me. I love feeling these little improvements, they're very rewarding. Oh, and I cranked out a set of modified push-ups.

That all said, Fridays are some of my favorites days of the week. Friday 7 am means another week of bootcamp is in the books, I have extra Points to eat thanks to class that morning and I don't have to work out on Saturday, which means I can finally sleep in.

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