Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 44 Weigh-In: Getting Close

After last week's hoopla, it was back to normal this week.

-1.2, which is great, for a total of -104.

Now I'm just 1.4 lbs away from returning to No Pay status. Maybe next week. I'm not in a hurry, although it is nice sooner than later. I do feel like Sybil sometimes. A smaller loss is perfectly fine, but string a few weeks of those together and I'm itching for a big one and whining until it arrives.

The meeting was fine today. Our regular leader was back after being off for 2 weeks. The summer meetings are interesting, as they're relatively sparsely attended compared to other times of the year. Just wait until September when it will be Standing Room Only. But then there will be plenty of seats available again after Halloween, LOL.

Here's a progress report on my Summer Weight Loss Goals:

  • Hit 182.4 lbs to reach -100 lbs lost.

  • Hit 175 lbs to reach my WW Lifetime goal weight.

  • Hit 170 (more on this later).

  • Hit 160 (my personal goal weight).

    So far, so good. I don't expect to reach 160 by Labor Day, it's a very aggressive goal even for me. But I will do my best.
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