Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 46 Weigh-In: Closer, but still no cigar

My body has a very distinct losing pattern: small loss, small loss, small loss, big loss.

Oh, how I wish it were something more consistent in terms of larger numbers (vs tenths), but it is what it is. I cannot change the pattern, which even existed when I made Lifetime in 2003.

Long story short, I should just be thankful they're all losses.

So today would be Week 2 of small losses and it was true to fact, -.4. While I was disappointed I didn't get at least an even pound, I wasn't surprised and at least it's down. And it did move me from 178 to 177.6, so at least the third digit is different. In these desert weeks, I'll take anything.

However, 177.6 is still .6 shy of landing me in No-Pay Land when it comes to Weight Watchers. Maybe next week. Maybe not, regardless I will stay the course.

But, in trying move beyond just those pesky scale numbers, I reflected: What else went right this past week? I ran my fastest 5K yet. I'm enjoying wearing Size 12 capris. That's pretty damn great, so -.4 doesn't seem so bad after all.

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