Thursday, July 7, 2011

In which something strange is afoot at the track

I recently started meeting my friend at the local high school track at 6 am.

She wanted to move from treadmill running to outside and I needed another running day to prep for the 10K.

We both agreed that left to our own devices, we would not drag our sorry butts out of bed. But, the knowledge that we're expecting each other does the trick.

So that's all well and good, but so far every morning we've seen some odd shit at the track.

First morning, two women drive up, park and get out. They get on the track, slowly walk 1 lap in flip-flops, return to the car and drive away. I want that workout.

The next morning, a man drives up, parks, gets out and does Tai Chi in the parking lot facing his car. Not that there's anything weird about Tai Chi or doing it outdoors, but why drive to a random parking lot with an unspectacular view of your own car?

Today I'm about halfway through my run and I see a woman walk up with a small dog. She's walking the track (in flip flops, of course) head completely down reading her paper, and the dog is just randomly wandering around on the track.

The first time I get close, I realize the dog is not on a leash. I hate unleashed dogs. Actually, I don't hate the dogs, I hate the owners. And it's one of those hyper ankle-biters. I am mentally preparing to transition from my wonderful running form, square up and punt that sucker into the woods. Luckily for the dog, it did not come near me.

But I hear her telling my friend behind me, "Don't worry, he won't bother you."

You know what won't bother us? Putting him on a leash. Geez, lady, we don't go to your dog park and run 3 miles, don't come to the track and try to turn it into a dog park. Ass.

Can't wait to see what's in store for this weekend.

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