Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Trip: Skinny Cow Perfect Cups Boston

A few weeks ago I got an email from Skinny Cow, inviting me to their Perfect Cups event in Boston.

They promised free ice cream and free bras, so count me in.

I got my two BFFS of 30(!) years to join me and we had a fun afternoon in town.

Since we weren't scheduled to attend until 1 pm, we decided to grab something to eat. Of course.

With Ann - a WW Lifetimer herself.

And Cara. Yes, they're sisters.

After lunch we headed to the event. When we arrived we were ID'd at the door, turns out they were serving free alcohol. This thing keeps getting better and better.

We got our wristbands and each received beepers, like when you're waiting for a table at a restaurant. When it went off, it was your time to get fitted for your bra. Until then, you were free to occupy yourself with the free ice cream bar, appetizers, funny photo stand, makeovers and, of course, the bar.

I tried two different flavors - Chocolate Brownie (good), Caramel Cone (very good). 8 Points+. Had to - it was free! But I planned and tracked it all.

Ann and Cara taste-testing, the makeover bar is in the background.

We had been at the event for about 30 minutes when I turned the corner and almost ran over Mo - my oldest's godmother and the closest person I have to a mom on this Earth. Randomly running into her at an event like this is "very Mo."

Soon our beepers went off and we each headed to a private fitting room. There had to be two dozen, each staffed by a nice woman with a tape measure. She asked what you thought your bra size was and then measured you over your shirt. I knew the answer (38D, what the hell, you already know how much I weigh), since I was just fitted for a new one a month ago, but Ann, Cara and Mo all reported they were way off.

The fitter then brought a few bras for you to try on. She wrote down your size and then the names of the styles you liked best.

When we left, we got a reusable goodie bag (emblazoned with the motto "Chest Out, Spoons High") filled with a T-shirt, Skinny Cow (and wine!) coupons and a gift certificate for the bra of your choice at Macy's, which carries all the styles they had on hand that day.

No wine for me, would rather put the Points toward ice cream. :-D

Overall, it was a pretty great event. We thought we were just getting free ice cream (and would have been thrilled with just that) and we were treated to so much more. We did think it was weird that some women brought men to what was billed obviously as a girlie event. As Cara noted, "I wouldn't go to a free jock strap event."

BFFs since 1980 and counting.

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