Friday, July 8, 2011

Food Of The Day: Lobster Salad

I love most things that end in "salad":

Chicken salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, etc. But not Jello Salad, that junk is vile.

Anyway, I headed to the grocery store tonight to pick up milk and I walked past the Seafood counter. Then I stopped and thought "lobster." Haven't had it since I don't know when and WW Weekly had a Lobster Salad recipe a few weeks ago that got me jonesing for it. Plus, my almost 2-year-old was enthralled by the lobster tank and kept yelling, "KITTY! KITTY!"

So I picked up a couple of already-steamed chicken lobsters (less clean-up for me), brought them home, dug out the meat and voila. They yielded a total of 5 oz of meat (4 P+) to which I added 1T of light mayo (1 P+) and put that between my beloved toasted Pepperidge Farm Sandwich Flats (2 P+).

What a nice treat.

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