Saturday, July 2, 2011

Food of the Day: Hash Brown Egg White Nests

You had me at hash browns.

This is actually Friday's FOTD entry, but I got tied up after dinner and didn't have the opportunity to get it up. /thatswhatshesaid

Anyway, my friend Flo found this recipe, so thanks Flo!

I love egg whites and, of course, hash browns, so this was a must-make. And when you add in the fact it also features ham and cheese, slam dunk.

All the particulars are here, along with better food photography.

My observations:

  • Cooking time is nearly an hour, due to the fact you have to first cook the hash brown nests, then add in the egg whites, etc, and cook them as well. So even though it's not quick to whip up, it's very much worth the time.

  • One serving is 3P+ and one serving is also two "nests," which is a goodly amount of food. I had these for dinner and saved 6 P+, so I had four nests. Yum.

    It also yields leftovers, which I will have today. Uncertain about how they will reheat and taste, but I will report back.
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