Thursday, July 14, 2011

Food of the Day: Salsa Chicken

Continuing to eat my way through the freezers. Trying to use up what's in there or pitch it if it's useless, freezer-burnt, etc.

Haven't had salsa chicken in a bit, but since I had several portions frozen I want to get them gone, as they're most likely getting a little long in the tooth. Had a 6-oz portion (6 P+) with a wedge of Laughing Cow Blue Cheese (1 P+). Mmmmm, one of my favorite meals, but not really a summer food perse.

Had a good 3-mile run this morning. The weather was gorgeous - 60 and dry. It was almost cold, but I knew once I started running I'd heat up quickly. Sure enough, I did.

When I was running I was mentally bemoaning the fact I live on top of a hill, so every run around the neighborhood involves some bad-ass hills. I was talking to a friend recently, also a runner, who lives one street over.

It's all hilly! I whined.

Well, we live on top of a hill, she pointed out.

I know, I know, but I'm always hoping to go out for a run one morning and see the neighborhood magically transformed into some flat Kansas-like out-and-back.

After my run this morning I ran into another neighbor, a marathoner, who was out walking her dog.

Again, I was bitching about the hills and she says, "Yeah, but it will get you ready for Boston."


"When you run Boston. The Marathon."

Get out.

But she was serious. She's also apparently delusional.

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